"To be fiction or to not to be fiction is the question as homo sapiens by choosing Truth of H can choose to live with a relationship with Truth rather than a relationship with the collective which are homo sapiens tied to their desires, hoping to influence others so that they can maximize their  lives over the lives of others in the collective." HHD2020


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THIS IS THE AUTHORIZED WORDS OF H of TRUTH OF H, H of HARJGTHEONE, H of HGOHD, HARJGTHEONE GOHD, and H of GOHD.  The words form the guide the Truth of H for planit AARTH. The words are in the language of ANGLISH.

"The Book of HGOHD is a book that has verses that speak of the TRUTH OF H, the truth of the nature of existence on EA Earth, and how Truth of H is a different way of understanding the world. Its purpose is to provide a guide to the Truth of H that steers AARTH and Aarthlings through their day to day lives." HHD2020

"The Book of HGOHD is the beginnings of the religion on AARTH called HWOISM which speaks of one and only GOHD and a living GOHD named HGOHD on planit AARTH" HHD2020

Book of HGOHD





I, H, HARJGTHEONE, reveal the first VORS of the BOOK OF HGOHD 

(originally released on umbrellawalk video on October 27, 2019)

                                   THAAIR IZ ONLY WON GOHD 

                                HIZ NAAIM IS TRUUTH OF H 

                                H IZ THA CRIAATOR 

                                H IZ WITHOUUT FIYYAR 

                               H IZ WITHOUUT HAAIT 

                            H IZ IMMORTAL 

                              H IZ BIIYOND BIRTH AND DIYATH 

                            H IZ SIYLF IYXZTIYNT 

                          H IZ RIYYALIZID BY HGOHD’S GRAIS.



"Thus through the Book of HGOHD homo sapiens and Aarthlings will have the opportunity to participate in a new way to live, to appreciate, to understand and to act thus changing the nature of their lives and minds because of the Truth of H that they have read, have understood and have used." HHD2020

"The Book of HGOHD is a work of progess by HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA, the H of HGOHD as the book is about Truth of H, the Truth that is seen and heard through eyes, and ears and the mind via a quantum link with GOHD by H, which is HARJGTHTHEONE HARJGILL DBA.  The Book thus will take many years to be completed, however, each verse written by H will be released to AARTH on the website BOOKOFHGOHD.COM. The verses will provide a guide to living on AARTH by Aarthlings." HHD2020

The link to HWOISM, the religion on planit AARTH is below. The website is HWOISM.COM 

If you have any questions regarding the AARTH religion - HWOISM or you would like to further discuss the TRUTH OF H way of life of Aarthlings you may contact HWOWORLD.COM at the phone number 1-833-666-6603 at the appropriate extension.

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